Casa, like its older sibling, La Palma [2017], is a lifestyle-inspired restaurant, bar and lounge concept. Casa, [Spanish for ‘home’] is a contemporary interpretation of the quint- essential Palm Springs domestic interior; a sunken living room with a central hearth, the kind that is the perfect backdrop to a spirited cocktail party. With modular lounge seating, two private dining rooms, and a rooftop patio, it is an infinitely flexible space for accommodating private functions, though more often than not, it operates as one of Toronto’s coveted, speak-easy-style lounges. Through design gestures and thoughtful finish selections, guests are encouraged to get comfort- able, even if that means putting up their feet or accidentally knocking over their wine!

Our sustainable approach to the project included locally-manufactured, custom furniture, lighting and millwork; locally sourced and sustainably harvested woods; and fabrics manufactured with recycled content.

La Palma

More often than not, the interior atmosphere of a restaurant should reflect the creative output of the kitchen. In this way, the restaurant experience is holistic and the guest is given an introduction to the culinary experience through the design of the space.

It was during a 3-day research trip to Venice Beach, California that the design and creative identity for La Palma was born. An early observation drawing parallels between Venice Beach and the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood where the restaurant would be located noted a similar artistic spirit between the two seemingly disparate places. As such, La Palma’s design aesthetic and atmosphere celebrates the art-centric nature of the community and includes a large mural designed in collaboration with a Toronto-based artist. La Palma is welcoming in its lively spiritedness and in its expression of the locale.

Toronto Hilton Presidential Suite

This Presidential Suite is roomy, but the geometry of the room is a bit awkward. We created a hospitality space that feels both private and welcoming, with a material and colour palette that pays homage to the culture of the hotel’s owners, who will use the space often for entertaining.